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Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker

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Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker

We all like to have a little sing song in the shower; its all part of the relaxation process. What could be better than you belting your favourites out at the top of your lungs as the warm water comes gushing out at you?

Well tell you what: having your favourite artist right in there with you! No, were not suggesting you jump into the shower with Beyonce. Were suggesting you take a speaker in to the shower with you!! This fantastic Silicone Shower Speaker is ideal for when you need a little extra vocal backing.

The silicone case allows it to stay safe in the shower, and the specially designed suction cup allows it to sit comfortably on any smooth surface.

Your speaker uses Bluetooth to transmit the music from your phone or laptop up to 10 meters away plus, you can use the speaker to answer phone calls thats a new method of showering together!!


  • Versatile and portable
  • Transmit your music from your phone or computer
  • 10 meter range
  • Suction cap sticks securely to any smooth surface
  • Charges via included USB cable.
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